Our varied services are tailored to help you meet the requirements of your organizations IT governance and regulatory compliance. Our specialists will guide you through different processes and help you define the requirements to keep your organization secure.

Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management (IAM) is a wide field about defining and managing the roles and access privileges of individual network users and the circumstances in which users are granted (or denied) those privileges. (more…)

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Intelligence is information that can be acted upon to change outcomes.

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is organized, analyzed and refined information about potential attacks threatening an organization. (more…)

Penetration and Red Team Testing

Are you sure your cyber security program is performing well?

We support you to test and asses your controls by simulating real world attacks on your people, technology and processes.


Corporate Crisis and Major Incident Management

Security Incidents might evolve into a major incident or crisis. Your organization should be prepared when it gets tough because when it happens, there’s no room for mistakes or trial and error.


Vulnerability and Patch Management

Vulnerability and patch management is essential for your cyber defence.


Security Logging and Monitoring

We support you in selecting, collecting and storing your security relevant logs to enable security monitoring for effective detection and prevention of security incidents.



Our team of information security professionals supports you on all business levels and stages of your information security program.



We support you with engineering skills to seamlessly implement cyber security technology into your information technology and business landscape.



Our team of world leading big data and statistical experts support you in finding the needle in the haystack to discriminate the good from the bad guys activity.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an emerging topic with tremendous power to augment your cyber defence.

We support you with latest AI technology to reinforce  your defence and response.